There are a number of health benefits to eating fruit,

and the Haskap berry has significant nutritional properties that

make it stand out in comparison to other popular berries.

The information on this page is taken from numerous resources including scientific studies and are analyses of the fruit. It is also important to state that nutritional properties vary with cultivar, ripeness, growing location and soil.

Exceptionally high levels of antioxidants – up to three times that of a high bush blueberry.
More vitamin C than oranges
Used to reduce blood pressure
Used to relieve gastrointestinal disorders
Cardio protectant by maintaining vascular permeability

  • reducing inflammation, 
  • reducing atherosclerotic plaque
  • platelet aggregation (clotting).

Protects against Carcinogenesis
Anti-angiogensis properties which means starving the deadly cancer cells.
Reduces blood glucose levels after food intake
Improves eye health by increasing circulation within retinal capillaries

  • enhancing night vision
  • fighting macular degeneration
  • preventing retinopathy for diabetic patients.