Haskap is the newest superberry in the market place. It is a blue honeysuckle and is known in Japan as “The fruit of longevity and fruit of vision.” Haskap berry plants take four to five years to reach full maturity and require the same loving care as is seen in many of the top vineyards.  It’s flavour is like a blueberry-raspberry mix.  The skin on this berry is very delicate and the seeds are small, thus allowing the fruit to melt in your mouth when you eat it. ​

​When we first heard about Haskap Berries, we were excited and intrigued. After doing some research we thought this would be a great addition to our family farm.  We did our first planting in 2015 and we have added another 4 acres this spring.  

Real christmas trees for sale - allagash view farms, llc christmas trees

Allagash View Farms, LLC is family owned and operated by the Voisine Family.

​We have always been dedicated to simple things done naturally.  We work diligently year-round tending to our trees to ensure that you will be provided with superior Fraser Fir, Balsam Fir trees and wreaths.

Each of us at Allagash View Farms plays a crucial role in providing you with a superior product. We value the fact that we are able to run our farm as a family, allowing three generations of family members to work together. 

The harvest season has become an exciting family tradition for us.  Each real Christmas tree is hand-selected to ensure it meets the highest standards of quality.  We feel there is not better way to grow a tree that will play such an important role in your family's holiday traditions.

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Email: Ben Voisine